Since ProjectFunction started, we have run our courses at a physical location in Nottingham in a classroom-like environment; manually tracking engagement and managing communications with learners using Email, Slack, and Whatsapp.

However, it felt strange to be teaching about ‘tech’ and its potential, without making use of it ourselves to simplify our communication and learning management. Therein, a little idea found its footing and we decided to start work on a learning platform for our learners; this is where version 0 of our learning management system was born.

Owing to the success we have seen from working on it since its inception, we continued development of this into a standalone platform. Campus is now powered by this platform, and has become a core part of how we deliver our courses, simplifying the process and improving the PF experience by tenfolds, both for our learners and our instructors.

All your courses, in one place: Throughout the year, our learners can sign up to multiple courses running on separate timelines with their own unique resources. Everyone has access to their courses via Campus, in a unified location. By creating their own profile on Campus, our learners can manage their own learning. No more ‘requesting access’ woes.

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Engagement Chart Preview
Learner Engagement Chart

Managing engagement: Our platform picks up on a learner’s attendance and engagement with their courses and its resources. This is an invaluable tool for us, as we can quickly pick up on when a learner is progressing exceptionally well, or when they could require more attention or help on a particular aspect of the course.

Learn by making: Instead of going purely through theory, we give our learners ample opportunity for hands-on learning, so they see their work in action. Through the one-click deployment functionality, learners can make their work publicly accessible, to share with friends and family.

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Feedback methods

Get instant feedback: Learning as part of a cohort in a remote setting can be challenging, especially to keep on top of assignments. To solve this, Campus combines the traditional marking process with automated testing, to make instant feedback available to learners on their work, without putting any extra strain on instructors.

Tools for purpose: Campus shines best when our learners are utilizing the power of Scratchpad—our interactive code editor—purpose-built for beginners. Setting up a development environment blindly, without some foundational knowledge, can be quite off-putting for beginners. Scratchpad offers an intuitive way for learners to focus on learning the concepts and foundations of development from anywhere, without having to worry about setup on every machine they use.

The assistant feature of ScratchPad
ScratchPad: Our Custom Editor with assistance

Our tools aren’t created just for the sake of tooling, they are instruments which help foster self-learning. Campus has helped bridge the gap, and act as a middle ground to make industry standards and tooling more approachable to first time developers. With ProjectFunction, our learners can be confident that they will be learning on a platform that is specifically built for them.

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