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NOTES A team that plays together...

Yesterday, the PFTeam had its long-overdue catch-up to celebrate the important stuff: new site, new course launch, and—yes—the new year. Thus, there was no agenda for this meeting, at all, except to pause for a moment, in each other's company. We stared into our virtual screens, finding that this time spent together is just as important to PF as—believe me—the tenacity with which we work on all-things-PF.

PFTeam playing Among Us

Jamie started by sharing a sneak-peek of the game he's working on in prep for Intro To Game Dev with Unity, which the whole team absolutely loved! After this, as is mandatory for any successful celebration: there was food involved. Sure, no one has perfected biting into KFC with great finesse, but we, sure as hell, tried. After everyone had eaten, we booted up Among Us, the first time for all of us. We played multiple games at extreme novice abilities, i.e. like not-pros. Multiple attempted-and-successful murders later, we ended the call less tired than we had begun; ready to keep doing what we do best.

Some things really are that simple.

P.S. The preview Jamie shared with us accessible on itch.io

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