NOTES Adapting to Covid-19

With the advent of Covid-19, everyone’s lives across the world changed drastically and rapidly. What was the norm - to meet-up in person, shop in a retail outlet or even meeting up with friends for coffee or a chat - now seems a distant dream. But on the horizon we have hope that the current vaccination program can be rolled out quickly and this dream can once again become a reality.

Here at PF, it would have been so much easier to actually put a pause on our continuing strive to better everyone’s lives, especially the underrepresented and marginalised groups of learners. But instead, we have been working hard in the background this last year.

We have adapted and structured the way we run our courses now. We are delivering online lessons, have expanded our range of topics we teach with specialised trainers and also now have an Aftercare programme. In our first remote course we will be offering learners a chance to try out some gaming, through Intro to Game Dev with Unity, led by Jamie Curran.

At PF, we want to assist this group to a better future and this pandemic should not be another barrier for them to climb over, so we are making it our mission to ensure the support and access is available to those who want it.

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