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NOTES In Time for Celebration and Change

We celebrated #InternationalWomensDay on Monday (8th) this week with the rest of the world! This is always a special day that is filled with feelings of gratitude and achievement coupled with the reignited drive to change and do better.

Illustration of three BAME women made by Emma
Happy International Women's Day!

At ProjectFunction, we wanted to mark the occasion with doing something special. Previously, like many others, we have voiced our support and celebrated women — particularly the pioneers in the Technology industry — whilst also calling out the stark lack of inclusion of women (especially Black and WoC) in this very same Technology industry even in the 21st century. All that we do at ProjectFunction is shaped to reduce and hopefully, some day, eradicate this inequality; that is our work on a daily basis.

Then, you can understand the struggle we faced in finding a way to voice our celebration on this specific day, how to action our support? Tweeting was, of course, a simple answer. But, we didn’t just want to Tweet. In our minds, we were conscious that even as a small organisation, we were in possession of some privilege and funds, and tweeting on its own felt like an underutilization of these powers.

Separately, we’ve been having conversations internally about our marketing assets and how we were missing an element of a ‘human touch’, especially in how we communicated our mission. With both these thoughts colliding, we found our answer in the form of illustrations.

Across many industries, women’s efforts and skills are often undervalued and underappreciated. However, we believe that valuing women’s contribution is long overdue and should be part of an ongoing conversation, not just for International Women’s Day but beyond.

We commissioned Emma, a wonderful, local artist, for an illustration showcasing three wonderful women. Her illustrations helped us add that ‘human touch’ our assets were missing, and strengthened our message; allowing us to highlight the importance of valuing and celebrating her skills. No individual alone can resolve the inequalities faced by women in one day, but you sure can make someone’s day!

We pledge to carry on this tradition of having the most impact we can, with the resources we have in the years to come. Of course, we would not be able to do this without the support of our Patreons, Sponsors, and Partners, so a shoutout to all of them. Finally, we would like to thank Emma for agreeing to be a part of this for this very special day.

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