NOTES Round 3

We're not the first to say: 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Some have lost more than others but overall, we all found our "every day" lives change drastically in a relatively short span. As optimists, we had envisioned the world going back to pre-pandemic times by October, 2020; when we would be able to resume our teaching as usual. In retrospect, we now know we were very wrong about this!

However, during the long month of March just as Lockdown 1.0 was starting, ProjectFunction came to realize the importance of remote learning, having delivered our courses totally in person as a small team, thus far. This was the point at which we doubled down on our efforts to fulfill our mission of creating a pathway for the marginalized in technology.

Behind the scenes, we began working on a new website which would better position PF for this - pardon the cliche - new normal. A new website was also a great opportunity for us to fill in the blanks with information that was missing from the current site and fully migrate to Node.js as a platform of choice for its stability and long-term maintainability.

Design-wise, we needed to find a design that reflected PF expanding upon its history of working with the wonderful tech community of Nottingham, to now be driven by that community. PF outgrew the previous website designs, thus feeling outdated too quickly; this time, we focused on creating a more complete, timeless design that could grow as we do.

The assistant feature of ScratchPad
We used Figma's collaborative functionality to, for the 1st time, remotely design though miles apart.

We started development on the external site, building it upon the same framework we used for our internal learning site Campus. 300+ commits later, we were ready to lift the covers of PFV3.

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