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NOTES Revamped

ProjectFunction is super happy to get this fresh, new look for our website out into the world. When we started in November, we were a small team with a simple, dedicated vision.

As minorities ourselves, we knew our stories and experiences were unique and wholly ours, that these were our torchlight in this endeavour to motivate and encourage others in the Tech world - especially those whom are not given the ease of ample opportunities.

After a successful completion of our first course in March, 2019. we came to realize that this platform had potential to convey our message, better. This desire then translated into some weeks of planning together, as (still) a small team for the 2nd version of our ProjectFunction website, nicknamed Badger.

And finally, its here!

New Revamped site

Our stance of ‘Bridging Boundaries, Extending The Sidelines’ is one we hope to champion out wide and loud, both through our drive to continually provide free courses to the under-represented and now, our newly-redecorated digital home as a beacon of encouragement.

Also, we’re well happy to have our very own blog on the website. This will allow us to keep you all up to date on all that goes on in ProjectFunction, including a look behind the scenes. Expect ALL the words.

We are greatly excited for our future plans and even more so grateful for all the support shown to our little, ever-growing ProjectFunction!

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