NOTES Scoop Announcement

I’d like to introduce you all to Scoop! ‘Scoop’, our podcast, is here to keep you up-to-date on all ProjectFunction happenings. This podcast idea has been at the back of our minds for the longest time. We knew we wanted a more open format of communication, a way to bring you into our conversations of planning, running, and expanding PF; something even more transparent than these short notes published on an (almost) biweekly basis. As we focus on our aim to be as community-driven as possible, speaking with as many of you is going to be crucial.

In our first episode, Once Upon a Time (released on 29/03/21), we started off meta; discussing Scoop itself, recapped the beginnings of PF, chatted about our on-going Intro to Game Dev with Unity course, admitted our persistent problem of increasing responsibilities and depleting time, pondered about my and Daryl’s upcoming talk, and finally, revealed our longing for a Nottingham Tech Hub! You can listen to our first episode here:

Oh! And please remember, we’re open to feedback, contributions of any kind, and guest appearances. Drop us a DM or an email.

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