Sponsorship Packages

Support for 9 sessions
Opportunity to speak briefly to the learners at any end-of-course demo events
Distribution of marketing swag with our learners
Your logo + link included in marketing of our courses on our website
Your logo on our PFLearner shirt
Twitter Mentions during sessions (4 per month) (2 per month)
Single weekly entry of news item (and link) into our learning hub for learners
Logo on screen during session
Your logo + link shared with PF mailing list when our courses are promoted
£ 1200
£ 700
(2 Remaining)

If you are interested in sponsoring ProjectFunction, please get in touch with us at hello@projectfunction.io

Sponsoring ProjectFunction

Sponsorship for each course, is a recurring fee which (depending on band) includes:

Sponsorship covers marketing materials, food and refreshments for learners and instructors, digital infrastructure costs, print costs, and supports everything else we may need to run these sessions.

As this is a zero-profit endeavor, all profits made are reinvested into future sessions

Bronze (one-off) Sponsor Packages

Bronze sponsorship is a one-off payment to fund the following:

End-of-wave Prizes £ 180 1 of 1
PFLearner Shirts £ 100 1 of 1
Stickers £ 40 2 of 3
Certificates £ 40 1 of 2
Printing £ 10 3 of 9

If you are interested in being a partial sponsor, please get in touch with us at hello@projectfunction.io